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Published on October 21, 2020

Super savings with a Difference Card HSA!

The combination of an HSA + The Difference Card is a powerful healthcare tool. 

With a Difference Card HSA, you can stack multiple benefits onto ONE CARD.

 Difference Card members can use their card to spend HSA funds, LPFSA funds and employer funded dollars- all with the swipe of a single card.  

Why offer an HSA from The Difference Card?

- Triple tax advantage: Money goes in, accrues interest and comes out tax-free. 
- Stackable savings: Stack multiple benefit plans onto one card to maximize savings.
- One card solution: One Account Manager, one Customer Care number and one invoice for all your Difference Card Benefit Plans.
- Integrated wellness program: Incentivize HSA participation with the Healthy Difference Wellness Program. 

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