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Published on March 27, 2019

Amazon announces compatibility with benefit cards like The Difference Card

Amazon recently announced that they have become a a SIGIS-certified merchant, meaning they can now allow FSA eligible sales on their website. 

This Spring, Amazon quietly rolled out their new FSA Storefront which sells medical supplies and other FSA-eligible items. 

FSA participants can also take advantage of Amazon's private label brand, Solimo. The have listed many of their private health and wellness products as FSA-eligible. 

Not all healthcare products on will qualify as eligible. Shoppers should verify the items they are purchasing display the "FSA Eligible" label on the product page when shopping. 

To use your Difference Card to purchase eligible items off of Amazon, you will need to add it as a valid from of payment. When you visit the Amazon FSA Store, click on ADD YOUR CARD to add The Difference Card to your Amazon Wallet. 

A list of frequently asked questions can be found here: Amazon FSA Store FAQ.

To start shopping with your Difference Card, visit the Amazon FSA Store


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