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April 17 COVID-19 Update: A message from our CEO

April 17, 2020

We, as a company, are doing a tremendous job of keeping the wheels turning and maintaining the level of service our clients have come to expect from The Difference Card. We are grateful that The Difference Card continues to provide a valuable service for our clients and their employees.

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Families First Coronavirus Repose Act (FFCRA) for Employer Paid Leave

April 16, 2020

Our Marketing Director has put together a video explaining this policy and the requirements for paid leave.

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Tips for using your Difference Card during the COVID-19 outbreak

April 15, 2020

Tips for using your Difference Card to purchase FSA eligible items, how to sign up for direct deposit, submitting a claim for reimbursement and ways to safeguard your online activity.

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April 9 COVID-19 Update: A message from our CEO

April 09, 2020

We have rolled out a promotion to help our Employer Groups during this difficult time. Any new group that signs with The Difference Card will receive a $2,500 premium credit on their first invoice.

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We're offering a $2,500 credit to new Difference Card clients

April 06, 2020

This $2,500 credit, combined with the cost-savings already provided by The Difference Card's benefit plan designs, will ease the burden of providing quality health insurance during these difficult times.

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